Coyote Brown Silnylon Tarps

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Price $75.00

Made with 1.1oz. silicone impregnated rip stop nylon. We use a higher denier count nylon which gives the product the best strength at the lightest weight. We use tabs, evenly spaced, instead of grommets because they are stronger,  more durable, as well as easily field repairable if the need did arise. Colors:Coyote Brown


6’ x 10’      

8’ x 10’

10’ x 10’

10’ x 12’

10' x 14'






12 tabs *

12 tabs *

16 tabs*

16 tabs*

16 tabs*

Why 10 Feet Long?

After plenty of research, any shorter than 10 feet is either difficult to set up or too short to ensure your sleeping bag and gear can stay dry on a rainy night.


Tabs will last longer, and if field repair is necessary, can be done with dental floss and a needle. When grommets come loose, they either cut or tear through the material

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