Free "Etowah Way" Pack List

Free "Etowah Way" Pack List
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This is a Excel Spread Sheet using our staffs favorite gear (yes, other manufacturer gear mix with Etowah Gear) to help you figure out "what works " for you. The Spread sheet is sent to your Email with a thank you for looking at the Etowah Way.  Your email will not be used or sold to anyone or use to blitz you with unwanted emails (yes, this drives us nuts too!!)

Use the spread sheet to plug-in your items, wts, and cost.

Chef Paul's personal packing list are also included (check out the Sub 6lb Uberlite set up used by Chef Paul)

No Charge, No hassle, just sharing the knowledge and experience of 40+ years of backpacking.

Email item only! 


When ordering the Free "Etowah Way" Pack List by itself, use the Free or Check Payment option under payment to process the order.

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