"NEW" Ultra TNT Tarps

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Price $100.00

We are proud to introduce our new line of tarps made with Ultra TNT laminate fabric by Challenge Sailcloth.  (ULTRA TNT Fabric is in the same category as DCF) At HALF the COST of DCF, with the same waterproofness, strength, durablity, Ultra TNT Tarps will provide an alternate choice for Ultralight  Backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts without breaking the bank.

Tarp Features:

Standard sizing- 5x8, 6x10, 8x10, 10x10, 10x12.  The material come to us in 60 inch widths making it possible to produce tarps in the nornal sizes without extra seams.

Color-Desert Sage Green.  Ultra TNT is less transparent than DCF; better privacy, less light coming through.

All tieouts are reinforced with Ultra100 Fabric- The Ultra Fiber reinforcements gives the strongest backing yet for ultralight wt tarps. Tieouts are made with 1/2 inch webbing and attached with Double Bartacking.

Superior Waterproofness-  Laminates provide better waterproofness by allowing "ZERO" water penetration.  No need to get up in the middle of the night a re-adjust tarp tension due to rain and stretching.

All Center are seam tarped with Ultra TNT Tape and body seams (if used) are also taped.

Tear Strength- Off the charts!  Oopes don't "zipper" run.  you can repair most puncture issues with a Gear Aid clear patch.

COST- At almost HALF the PRICE of other laminated tarps you will be able to have a ULtralight, techinical tarp and still have enough money to put gas in your car to go on your adventure!

Weights of tarps- 5x8-5oz, 6x10-7oz, 8x10-10oz, 10x10-12oz, 10x12-14oz

All tarps come with a Stuffbag (always best to fold laminated tarps)


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